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Models, Prototypes & Visualisations

Product visualization is an important part of the design process allowing a new product idea to be communicated at an early stage, and can be useful both for development purposes as well as to show to potential investors, purchasers, marketers and manufacturers. Design iterations - both functional and purely aesthetic - can be visualised, demonstrated and refined before a physical prototype or presentation model is produced. As part of our computer aided design services, JWD Ltd can offer a range of product visualisation techniques to suit your product or concept, including photorealistic images using the renowned capabilities of KeyShot, a rendering and animation application built on Luxion's production proven realtime raytracing and global illumination technology; animations, product break apart, product build and product fly around complete with additional video, text and audio for any purpose.

Aesthetic & presentation model-making is an extension of product visualisation. A (physical) aesthetic model can be a great aid in presenting a proposed product to potentially interested parties, particularly at exhibitions and presentations to investors or funding bodies. If your proof-of-principle prototype conveys the function, the aesthetic model can effectively communicate the finished product in parallel.

JWD Ltd works with Amalgam Prototypes who provide a full prototyping service for the design and manufacturing industries, including rapid prototyping, vacuum casting, design development, 3D scanning, laser cutting, test rigs, working prototypes & demonstration units, fabrication & light engineering, traditional modelmaking & specialist finishing.

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