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Welcome to Jon Wells Design Ltd

JWD Ltd is an industrial design & product engineering consultancy which aims to assist businesses in the development of manufactured goods. Our focus is to deliver commercial product design and well engineered solutions, fully supported by high integrity computer aided design models and associated manufacturing drawings, providing successful solutions from concept through to production.

Combining innovative, functional product design and aesthetic appeal, JWD Ltd provides a range of creative engineering skills to design and shape products for a variety of applications including scientific, medical, industrial, commercial and domestic, either for mass manufacture or for production in small quantities.

Founded in the UK in 2004 and based in the historic city of Cambridge, JWD Ltd has worked for a variety of leading technological and design-led manufacturers including McLaren, 42 Technology, Raspberry Pi, Amino Communications, Malvern Instruments, Brandt, Fairline Yachts, Kynesim, ErgStick, and Adder Technology Ltd. Our professional approach to design and commitment to achieving excellence has earned growing respect and recognition, and work for Amino Communications Ltd and design contribution to Malvern Instruments Ltd has won several design awards including the IBO Gold, Red Dot, and an International Good Design award.

JWD Ltd is currently offering a variety of industrial design and computer aided design services as well as being available for contract work. As a freelance designer with lower overheads than a large consultancy, JWD Ltd can provide a high level of professional service at very competitive rates. For a no-obligation, confidential discussion about your project, and to be guided through the design services that may be most suitable for you please get in touch.

Below are the core services JWD Ltd offers, what they involve, and how they can help you:

Industrial Design & Engineering - Putting ideas into practice. The bridge between the concept or initial prototype, and a real product designed for manufacture and assembly. Read more...

Computer Aided Design -The is the core service in realising any final design for manufacture. Read more...

Models, Prototypes & Product Visualization - An important part of the design process allowing a new product idea to be communicated at an early stage. Read more...

Latest News

Astro-Pi Launches

JWD designs the 'Astro-Pi' flight case to be used by Tim Peake as part of his 6 month mission to the ISS. Read all about the mission at the Astro-Pi website here

Leading UK space organisations have joined forces with British ESA Astronaut Tim Peake and Raspberry Pi to offer students a chance to devise and code their own apps or experiment to run in space. Two Raspberry Pi computers have been flown to the International Space Station (ISS) as part of Tim’s 6 month mission and both will be connected to a new “Astro Pi” board, loaded with a host of sensors and gadgets.

Erg Stick

JWD designs the product enclosure for the 'ErgStick', a USB B peripheral device which inserts into the Concept 2 Performance Monitor (Ergo) & provides wireless connection to a smartphone to structure a workout and share with training partners/coaches. Read about this revolutionary device here

Keyshot rendering tools

JWD providing 3D visualisation & rendering services using KeyShot 3, a rendering and animation application built on Luxion's production proven realtime raytracing and global illumination technology.


JWD is proud to work with Studiomold, heralded as one of the top 10 design studios of the future at 100% Design London's 10th anniversary.

The iPod of Set-Top-Boxes

Amino Communications has passed 4 million set-top boxes sold and shipped.

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